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Aide de Camp 2 (ADC2) is a program designed for playing board wargames by email ("PBEM").  It has utilities that allow users to create an electronic version of the map and counters of existing games, either square grid or hexagon based. It has built in dice-rolling routines and an "instant replay" feature that allows for superb play by email capabilities. In addition, ADC2 enables users to create their OWN wargames from scratch. It is the perfect design and development tool for wargame designers. Please note that ADC2 is NOT A COMPUTER "WARGAME" as such.   It has NO AI and NO BUILT-IN RULES. It is, as stated above, a utility enabling you to play existing board games on your computer. With few exceptions, if you do not have the boardgame, you cannot play it on ADC2.  Note that it is also easy to use ADC2 to play face-to-face by "hotseating" and solitaire play is a breeze - never a need to worry about having to clear off the dining room table or be concerned about pets taking your turn for you while you are away.

We will accept and post all modules - except as noted below

We cannot post free sets for games by the following publishers:

Avalanche Press

Decision Games

MMP/The Gamers




Any Games Designed by Steve Jackson

Of course this doesn't stop you from making sets for games for these publishers for your own and your opponent's use.

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COA  The Devil's to Pay Expansion to Summer Storm
Created by Lee Trowbridge adpated from Dave Jone's Summer Storm Module
New 3 OCT 2015


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Avalon Hill



Clash of Arms

Columbia Games

Conflict Games

Decision Games/SPI





Ivy Street Games


Khyber Pass Games

L2 Design Group

Lou Coatney Games

MMP (The Gamers)

New England Simulations

Moments in History


People's War Games

Phoenix Games

Schutze Games

Simulations Workshop


The Skirmisher



Vae Victis

Victory Games



Miscellaneous Sets

Games Designed for ADC2

ADC2 Terrain and Symbol Sets

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