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Jeff Vandine

Born in 1960 In Honolulu, HI.  My father was in the Navy (BB-56, USS Washington) during World War II and in the Army when I was born, so both my brother and me sort of grew up in the military.  We first started wargaming in 1967 (Yep!  I was seven years old!) with Avalon Hill's Africa Corps.  Over time, we discovered a few more games until in 1970 we ran across SPI and Strategy and Tactics magazine.  We pooled our limited funds and subscribed and our first issue was number 32 -- Borodino.

We rapidly became obsessed and over the next 8 or so years played constantly and accumulated over a hundred games between us.  We continued to discuss games and gaming, and acquire games and even, occasionally, push a few units around, until Jim's death last November.  I ran across ADC about ten years ago now, I guess, and rapidly saw the possibilities since it was hard (as James Burnett will tell you) to lug around 300 wargames while on active duty with the military.  When ADC 2 came out, I immediately got it and have never looked back -- especially since I never have the room to set up any of the monsters I love. 

I have a BA and MA in History, concentrating on Military History, especially the Napoleonic Wars.  I  am a retired USAF Lt Col who spent 18 years of my career in targeting, weaponeering and war planning, helped plan Just Cause, fought in the First Gulf War, and did war planning for everything from minor brushfire wars to the SIOP.  And I even did a couple of years as a grunt in the Army too back in the late seventies, so have an inside out understanding of war planning and executing at pretty much all levels of command.

Nick Bell inspired me to get involved in designing game sets, and even gave me the opportunity to help build one in his End of the Iron Dream variant.  After that, as they say, the rest is history.  While only one of "my" designs (I'm a pygmy standing on the shoulders of giants when it comes to design) is currently posted on this site -- another is on its way..  And maybe another after that!  :-)

Cataract of Steel.
Never Call Retreat

Kjell Lövström

Born in 1953 in Sweden. I first came into contact with wargames through a review of a wargame in the magazine Soldat och Teknik (roughly: Soldiers and Technology) around 1970. My first wargame was Tank! from SPI. I joined a wargame club that was more or less run by the proprietor of the shop where I bought my games. Later I joined another wargame club and was for a number of years member of the council in both clubs. The first club held regular playing meetings every week, the second distributed a club magazine. Both clubs are now gone, victims of social cuts and computer games.

So now I play on the computer. I first came into contact with ADC1, I have always liked editors. It was not quite up to the standards I craved but said that ADC2 was in the pipeline. When ADC2 arrived I directly grabbed it. I soon found that making sets was more fun than playing them. When I have finished one set my sights are set on a new set. However I have a couple of sets which I would like to play, so if you are interested of playing any of them, drop me a line. My homesite is the gamesite is written in English.

Bar Lev; Swords & Sorcery; Alpha Omega; Armor; Panzer; IDF (Israeli Defence Force); Assault!-series; John Carter, Warlord of Mars; The Arab-Israeli Wars, Grav ArmorAmbush!, Barbarian Prince, Outpost Gamma, Star Viking and Test of Arms.


johnnymo.gif (75882 bytes) John Moser

I was born in 1966, and grew up in suburban Pittsburgh.  My first
wargame was Squad Leader, which I played in junior high with my
neighbor, Jeff.  We didn't have the patience to learn all the rules, so
we just made up a lot of stuff as we went along.  I didn't get into
serious gaming until my first year of college, when I finally got sick
of Dungeons and Dragons.  Ever since then I've been collecting games,
and actually playing one every now and again.  Believe it or not, I've
never actually played a game using ADC2....

In my real life I'm a college professor, currently at the University of
Georgia, but I'll be moving to Ashland University in Ohio late this
summer.  I completed my Ph.D. from the University of Illinois in 1995.
I teach history, specializing in the United States during the interwar
period, but I dabble in a lot of subjects.  At Ashland I'll be teaching
courses in Modern Europe and Western Civ.

I've published one book--_Twisting the Lion's Tail: American Anglophobia
between the World Wars_ (New York University Press, 1999)--and I have a
second coming out this fall, dealing with the presidencies of Hoover,
FDR and Truman.  I'm now working on a biography of John T. Flynn, a
prominent journalist of the 1930s.

I've been married since 1994, my wife's name is Monica.  We have no
children, but we do have one spoiled fat cat named Barney.  For more
information on me, visit my website:

Gamesets designed: Army of the Heartland, Campaigns of Robert E. Lee,
Machiavelli, Pax Britannica, and War for the Union.
James Burnett

I began playing wargames when I was in junior high school (Lord, was it that long ago?), starting with the heyday of Avalon Hill (Anzio, Blitzkrieg, France 1940, Luftwaffe, and the list just went on and on . . . .). In college, I discovered SPI and its monster games. I hauled all those games around with me when I was in the Army and after that, but never had the time or space to play them until I found ADC2. Now, my wife and daughter let me alone in front of my computer; they know where to find me when there’s a bug that needs killing, and I don’t disturb them with my comments as they watch Lifetime (a/k/a the Women in Crisis Network). In other-than-gaming life, I was an infantry officer in the Army, now an attorney and a science fiction writer. We live near Houston with three Greyhounds, one mutt, three cats, two koi, and a turtle (the koi and turtle residing outdoors). For more on this chaos I laughingly refer to as my life, visit Highlander’s World.

highlander.jpg (20965 bytes)
Gerald.jpg (27620 bytes) Gerald Schwartz

I retired from the information technology business after 33 years in 1997.  I started as a computer programmer in 1964 and was Manger of Computer Services for NB Power, one of Canada’s two nuclear energy companies, when I retired.  In between I worked on every aspect of IT, including Internet technologies.  After retirement I moved back to my hometown Winnipeg, Manitoba, commonly referred to as Winterpeg.   Here I live with my wife and our dog Sada in the old city.  I don’t mind the cold weather as it gives me plenty of opportunity to sit inside and play wargames.   I was introduced to wargaming in 1967 when I bought Avalon Hill’s Midway game.  I collected a lot of the wargames published between then and 1987.  Because I was too busy with work and family, I never got to play the games much until after I retired.  I discovered ADC2 and have been gaming on-line ever since.  Despite the hundreds of titles that I have, I still like to play the original Avalon Hill games like 1776, Anzio, and The Russian Campaign best.  Because these games are no longer available, I wanted to make the originals available again using ADC2 and that is why I got into making game sets for them with scanned maps and including the original rules, charts, and table.  I also like doing other games using satellite imagery as the basis for terrain and including my own editions of the rules, like GDW’s The Great Patriotic War.  I expect to do many more game sets since I like doing that as much as playing the games.

kwi2.jpg (18021 bytes)
Kjell Windsland
Is Norway somewhat special when it comes to making ADC modules? As far as I
can see I am the fourth person on this site from Norway. I have so far not
been in touch with the other three but I suppose the autumn might change this.
I consider myself one of the veterans in wargaming here i Norway. I came in
contact with the hobby through an add in Analog  Science fiction/Science
fact magazine in 1978. I had up til then been interrested in history and
WWII in particular, and had heard about professional wargaming, but I did
not realize that it was possible to make boardgame for the man in the
street out of such themes. So I took the chance and sent my 12$ to SPI and
after a few months forgot about the whole thing. Then one day my first
issue of S&T (#76 The China War) arrived, and I was hooked. The first 3-4
years I only played solo as I knew no other persons in the hobby, but
eventually I got in contact with a local club that had been in bussiness
for a couple of years. We still play every thuesday. The last few years has
been mainly dedicated to gamemastering "Call of Cthulhu", with a wargame
added in now and then. But home I play on the computer ( if time and family
allows) both ADC modules and bought wargames. But I also find it pleasant
to make ADC modules myself and have invested quite a lot of time in this.

Professionally I work at a research institute called SINTEF, where I am
working with plastic technology. I am married and have two kids boy 22 and
girl 18, so there might be a bit more time available in the future.

ADC modules (on this site): Squad leader scen 1, Pattons Best, Berlin ´85,
Iwo Jima, Korean War, NATO, Terrain library.

JimPyle.gif (86250 bytes)
Jim Pyle
I started playing war games when I receive Avalon Hill's Tactics II and Gettysburg for Christmas in 1959 and I still have those first two games. Currently, most of my war gaming is done vie email using ADC2.   I received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Delaware in 1970 and currently am employed by Hercules, Inc in Hopewell, Virginia.  I get to play all day with the Distributed Control System computers at Hercules' chemical plant there. I think I enjoy making and tinkering with others' game sets as much as playing the games.

Completed sets: VG Vietnam, AH On to Richmond, Stonewall's Last Battles, Stonewall Jackson's Way

Borger1.jpg (82332 bytes)
Borger Borgersen
Eirik.jpg (24544 bytes)
Eirik Wilkinson

Born:  1963    Living:  in Oslo, Norway
Education: Civil Engineer (Electronics) from the Technical University of Trondheim (Norges Tekniske Høgskole).
Occupation: Working as a Chief Engineer for Telenor (Norwegian Telecom).  I’m a system manager for a computer system with information about Telenor’s masts and towers.   Most of this data is created in AutoCAD.
Hobbies:  1. Formula 1 racing.  I watch every F1 race on TV and usually travel once a year to a Formula 1 circuit to watch a race live.   This year I’m going to Monza in Italy to see Michael Schumacher win for Ferrari.  J
2. Astronomy.  I own a Celestron 8” telescope and look at the sky for celestial objects from time to time.
3. Bridge (the card game)

4. Science fiction and fantasy (movies etc.).   I’m a Starwars and Babylon 5 fan.
5. Computer games (Racing, strategy, wargames, RPG and Adventure)
6. Board games.  I was once a very active Diplomacy (Avalon Hill) player competing face-to-face in several countries.  I even attended a few World and European Championships.  My best performance was a third place in the World Championship.  I also won with 2 American friends in the team Championship once.   I’ve always loved strategic wargames (War in Europe, World in Flames etc.).

7. War history (Especially World War 2).   I learn a lot watching Discovery channel etc.
How I started with wargames and ADC2:  I joined a RPG and board games club in Trondheim in 1985 while studying.  After a while I found out that I preferred wargames and bought many of the great games from the 1980’s era (Fire in the East, World war 2 by TSR/SPI etc.).  One big problem was that I didn’t have enough space to play these games so they were stored in a shelf.  A few years ago I accidentally found some info about ADC2 on the Internet and purchased the software.  I haven’t regretted since. J  I started making my own game sets because some of the games I liked weren’t converted to ADC2 (Trial of Strength, Eurofront etc.).  So instead of waiting for someone else to make these sets I tried making these sets myself.  It turned out that making ADC2 sets were really fun J.

Completed game sets:  Trial of Strength, EuroFront and Victory in the West

Born in Bodø, Norway in 1959, I studied veterinary medicine in Germany. I have done some general veterinary practice, but have mostly worked with farmed fish. I currently work for a aquaculture company based on Lovund, an island of the coast of north Norway.  I have been playing wargames and RPG all my adult life, and am a longtime gaming pro- and antagonist of Pal Woje, found elsewhere on this page.

Completed sets: Starship Troopers, Semper Fi, Crisis: Korea 1995, Britain Stands Alone, Silver Bayonet, Tunisia.
SteveWamboldt.JPG (16311 bytes)
Steve Wamboldt
howmike.gif (68836 bytes)
Howard Divins
Born in Munich, Germany, I eventually moved to Halifax, N.S., Canada in 1969. Did most of my schooling in Halifax and then joined the Armed Forces as a radar/sonar sensor operator on board Sea King helicopters. Am now married with two children, however converting them to wargaming is a feat in itself. I was first introduced to wargaming by a friend who taught me (and his brother) to play AH's Panzer Leader. From that moment I was hooked and went out and bought my first game: AH's Stalingrad. I actually tried playing it solitaire while on a road trip with my parents. It was not a successful venture in the car; the counters kept sliding off the map and onto the floor or into the seat. I also dabbled a bit in game design and created a few games of my own including Masada, U-Boat and Erich's Soldiers. When ADC2 came out, I was truly excited since I no longer had to worry about clearing a huge table to play one game.

Completed Sets: SPI "Soldiers", AH's Flat-Top, The Gamers "Omaha", AH's Victory in the Pacific, AH's War at Sea, SPI's Ardennes Offensive, Turning the Tables, White Ensign-Rising Sun, and a bunch of others.

The photo shows me (left) and my best friend Mike, sometime around
1965 or so.  We were just beginning our wargaming hobby, having acquired
a copy of D-Day by AH.  We still manage to get together from time to
time for a game or two.
    I am currently 44 years old and married to a wonderful woman who
will play non-hex wargames.  We have two daughters, Emily (8) and
Shaelyn (4), both of whom are very interested in my wargames.  We
currently reside at the extreme northern edge of  Marietta, GA. with our
two dogs Chelsea (an Irish Setter who has eaten a wargame) and Isabeau
(a Golden Retriever who has eaten just about everything else)
     I started making sets for ADC, so that my friends and I could play
games through Email.   I discovered that making the sets was actually a
great deal of fun.  Some day I hope to release my own title through the
medium of ADC.

Completed Sets:  PanzerBlitz, Panzer Leader, Panzer Leader 1940,
FinnishBlitz, France 1940, French Foreign Legion, Verdun, Battle of Hue,
Battle of the Bulge, Remember Gordon, Panzer Armee Afrika, Blue and Grey Quads I & II, Napoleon at War, SPI Borodino (1972), Winter War


rusty&joe1.jpg (16182 bytes)
Joe Oliver

A  somewhat old pic of faithful babysitter & War Dog "Rusty"
offering advice on the next move (Joe is the one on the right).

Single male of late middle age (the pic slightly predates MacArthur's & Truman's disagreement concerning Korea), educated in Mathematics at Westmar College and the University of Richmond. No military experience, but did work in the interesting summer of '69 as a civilian employee of the Air Force, in the Pentagon. Worked in automotive business for 20+ years, before switching to technical writing and consulting in the computer industry. An almost lifelong resident of Northern Va. suburbs of Washington, DC, currently residing almost in sight of (but OUT-side) the infamous Beltway. Besides gaming, interests include ancient coins, science fiction, politics, and occasional online rants.

Completed ADC2 sets: Gondor, Sauron, Caesar-Alesia, Revolt in the East, Year of the Rat, The Marne,  Leningrad, Battle for Madrid, Battle of Agincourt, Battle of Lobositz, Battle of Raphia, Beda Fomm, Crisis 200, Viva Espana!, Operation Olympic, Angola, Operation Dragon Rouge

Pal Woje 99.jpg (16035 bytes)
Pal Woje

Pal Woje, Norway. 30 years old, married - no kids. Two cats and
one dog. I work as a computer engineer in the Norwegian Telephone
Company (Telenor) where I maintain old COBOL code. I have been
playing computergames, RPG and boardgames for 17 years.

The picture is from a fieldtrip to german WW2 fortifications (actually
the remains of a 88mm flak battery) around my hometown Bodo in
northern Norway. The cap is USSR Army (I think) and was used in
order to get some pictures for our WW2 miniature campaign game

Completed ADC2 sets: Bloody 110, Yom Kippur, Enemy at the Gates
(The Gamers) and La Bataille d'Espagnol-Talavera (Clash of Arms).


Benoit_et_les_3_ptits.gif (52789 bytes)
Benoit Larose

I am 34, married and with the three kids you see with me:  Maude (7), Marion (5) and Colin (3).  I have an Urban Studies diploma but I never did any urban planning.  Rather, I did an MBA and ended up working in sales/marketing in the pharma industry for various corporations.  I am now working in finance for a large institutional investor but still in the healthcare sector.

I am a wargamer since age 12, did lots of RPG as well but now concentrating on the grognard stuff.  My involvement with ADC started at the end of 1995 and I did many (15?) ADC1 modules and several others for ADC2.  The main achievement of my module-making career is probably GMT's East Front Series, each of those sets requiring so many hours to make that I am ashamed to count them.

ADC has allowed me to come back to the Hobby when lack of time, space and available friends became serious obstacles.



Craig Deaton
Here's a picture of me with the latest addition to the family (and the
reason that Saratoga was so far past-due).  Her name is Hannah and she was
born 3/8/99.  As far as other biographical info goes, I grew up in Dallas,
went to college at Texas A&M University and was an officer in the Marines
after that until 1987. I live in Jacksonville, Florida these days and  I'm
a Human Resources Manager and Staffing Specialist.  I've also got a 14 year
old girl named Heather from my first marriage.  My new wife's name is
Vanita and we got married on July 3rd, 1997 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. My
first wife's name is "Life-sucking Black Hole of Money"!  :-)

Competed Sets: Saratoga, The Chaco War, War and Peace

Patrick Hirtle and Aiko.jpg (16525 bytes)
Patrick Hirtle

Born in Canada, degrees in History and Law from Dalhousie University, practiced law in Nova Scotia for awhile (but it cut into my gaming time too much), came to Japan in '95 to teach English. Wife Yukiko, daughter Aiko, currently residing in Nagasaki.

Competed Sets: 100 Days Battles, For the People, The Longest Day, Storm Over Arnhem, Hastings, Tannenberg, 1914, 1918, When Eagles Fight, The Marne: September 1914, Mons: August 1914, All Quiet on the Western Front,   Home Before the Leaves Fall,  Paths of Glory, Drive on Paris


DAVE.jpg (12152 bytes)

Dave Jones

Age:  34
Wife Anne, 1st child due in Nov.
Occupation:  Traffic Engineer
Hometown:  Alexandria, VA but NC's home

Education:  BS in Poly Sci, MPA in Urban Management from NC State Univ., Registered Professional Engineer

Interests: Sweating my ass off in a gray or blue wool suit in the middle of the summer,   political gadfly,  rotisserie baseball, hacker (golf, not computers), softball on the Ellipse

Completed  modules:  Leipzig, Marengo, Lutzen, Dresden, Borodino/Friedland


Jeff McGonigall.JPG (69415 bytes)
Jeffery K. McGonagill

Ok, so its 8 years old.  Some white in the hair and beard, 10 lbs heavier (but I can still fit in that suit). I'm 41 years young.  I've been gaming since I was 14.  I started out with AH's Battle of the Bulge, discovered SPI in a Conan comic book.  Got together with two friends and purchased War in Europe (I later bought them out).  I was excited when War in the Pacific came out.  After years of playing the monster games with maps scattered hither and yon about my bedroom I was pleased to discover ADC2.  I'm using it right now to moderate WWII on a Division/brigade/squadron/ship with diplomacy handled by ADG's Days of Decision II.

Completed Set:  War in the Pacific


Kincaid.jpg (11536 bytes)
John Kincaid

  • B. S. in Bus. Admin From University of Redlands
  • US Army 1968 through 1971, flew Cobra gunships in Vietnam 1969 with B Troop 2/17 101 Airmobile Div
  • Worked 17 years in management for a Telephone utility
  • Now on Medical (physical not mental) retirement.
  • Have been gaming since the early 70's. In 1994 started making ADC modules so I could play a real live opponent. Now I am so busy coordinating module creation I don't have the time to play <g>.
JasonP.jpg (22807 bytes)

Jason Poultney

I am 34 years old and have a 5 year old daughter. (Humpty isn't mine.) I work for the state of Massachusetts Dept. of Corrections as a steam fireman. However this fall I am going back to college in order to get a teaching certificate in early childhood education.

I began gaming about the age of 9 or 10 (c.1974) after my father brought home AH's Third Reich. He wasn't into games, and never played, but he thought I might find it interesting. Of course I was quickly hooked.

My activity did fade a bit in college. Not until the last few years have I found opponents and discovered the local gaming conventions. There I still play classic Third Reich. (That's my German position at the last convention, I think its 1941.)

Completed  modules:  Battles of Waterloo, Lion of the North, AH Global War,

Nick2.JPG (24434 bytes)
Nick Bell (Pictured with Assistant "Squish")
  • B.A. in History (Modern European). Minor in German. Creighton University, Omaha, NE. Graduated summa cum laude.
  • Captain, U.S. Army, 1981-1988
  • Commercial/Industrial Construction Project Manager
  • Volunteer Associate of HPS Simulations
  • Wargaming since 1972

Completed Sets: 1944: Second Front, Fallen Eagle, Kanev, Pegasus Bridge, War without Mercy, Operation Spark, WW2: ETO, WW2: PTO, Stonewall, War in Europe, Triumphant Return, A Bold Stroke, Berlin '45, Budapest '45, Invasion: America, Wellington's Victory, AH Russian Front, Totaler Krieg, The Tigers are Burning,  Wooden Ships & Iron Men, Finnish Front, Ukraine '43, etc, etc.