ADC2 Opponents Wanted List

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We will gladly add your name to this list - just provide us your email address and what games you want to play. It's up to you contact each other!  If you want your name removed or update your request list, just drop me a note.  New names and changes will be added to the top of the list in the order they are received.

Chip Henriss Looking for anyone to play the Russian Campaign L2 4th edition. I'm in Melbourne Australia. Happy to play anyone anywhere.
Charles McLellan
I live in Huntsville, AL. I am interested in playing AH's Russian Campaign, Russian Front, Blitzkrieg, Afrika Korps, Anzio, Guadalcanal; and SPI's Army Group South and American Civil War.  Have a few other games I may be willing to try. Posted: October 2012.
Joe Angiolillo or
Joe Angiolillo

Wargamer starting in 1958 with Gettysburg and designer/developer for Nova (Axis & Allies), Coleco (WarGames), SPI (2 Blue & Grey Games, many others) wanting to PBM or PBeM Avalon Hill Stalingrad (1963) Waterloo; SPI Blue & Grey Quad game Chickamauga and would like to learn AH Bulge 81, L2 Russian Campaign 4th edition and Russia Beseiged. Have joined AHIKS and AREA (both free) so would be willing to play matches in Stalingrad, Waterloo, and Chickamauga for ratings or any of the games just for fun. Have some experience with Vassal and Above The Fields. Need help with Cyberboard.
Don Tatum I live in the Washington, D.C. area.  Looking for face-to-face opponents for any monster WWII game like World in Flames.
Richard Hyder I have the complete set of Europa - both Master and RAW.  I also enjoy the War Without Mercy/Bruce Force, WBTS and Die Weltkreig series.  Hit me up to play PBEM.
Lars Wistedt
Opponents in the Gulf region

Longtime wargamer of swedish origin, currently based in Dubai/ UAE seeks other wargamers to organize face to face games like Europa series, HWTR, Atlantic Wall, Wacht am Rhein, GRD Great War, the Gamers ACW series etc. Sessions for long weekends or enitre weeks. Gaming space and overnight arrangments here for free.

Tyrone Newby Somewhat new to ADC2 gaming(played a few games,so I know what I'm doing).
Anyone interested in getting into a game of the old S&T game "Cedar Mountain" or SPI game "Pea Ridge"---will take either side.
John Veteran Russian Front (AH) playing seeking to find ADC2 player for RF
games with map extentions. Map extentions are a part of ADC2 RF module.
Gary Guyton I'm looking for an opponent for any of the GCACW series games. Ready to go with any of the basic game scenarios, would like some time to review advanced game rules, if that is prefered. Also, would like to give The Gamers CWBS a try. I have the three Seven Days games, Gaines MIll, anyone? This would be my first go with the series, so a patient partner would be appreciated.
George Betros

I would like to play the following AH games: Afrika Korps (1964), Battle of the Bulge (1981 2nd Edition), D-Day 77, Russian Campaign (1977), and Stalingrad(1964).   I can play e-mail, Postal Mail, Cyberboard, or ADC2.

Andy Waller Hi, I'm been living in Kuwait (non military) for about 11 years and there aren't any gamers here!!!  Own ADC2 EATG. Not very experienced but up to date on OCS 4.0. Enjoy Gamers WW2, SPI, L2, monster and non monster games.
Joey Sabin Play GRD's Europa/Glry series (DDH, AWW, BF, FtF, FitE/SE/U, SF, WW, WitD); Enjoy AH's [GCACW Series]; Enjoy SPI's [Island Quad, TSS, Atlantic Wall, WiE, WitP]; Have some modules for the above board games for ADC. Been gaming for 20 years.
Patricia Walters I'm living in Melbourne, Australia at present. Originally from San Fran. I'm interested in playing 'Invasion America' but will consider other games. Not very experienced I'm afraid but willing to give it a go! Looking for patient opponents. My brothers got me interested in games ago. I suppose it isn't very often you get women wanting a game eh?
Yves Lagimoniere  I am interested in playing The Russian Campaign and Wooden Ships and Iron Man via ADC2.
Sid Driver   Older player living in San Antonio, Texas would like to play AH’s Afrika Korps, D-Day77, Stalingrad for starters.
Dan Evans I am looking for opponents for AH The Longest Day
Richard Barber Been plaing wargames for over thirty years.  Am interested in playing Longest Day, A3R, Battle for Ardennes, Storm over Europe, Vietnam, Pacific War, Civil War, and many others.  I am mainly interested in WWII and Napoleonic Periods, but will try almosts any game once.  I have over sixy different titles.
John Walker Can offer HPS Budapest '45, with fair play quality. Plus have just purchased Point of Attack and keen to meet others interested in PBEM games for POA. Have a copy of ADC2 and willing to initiate a game with anyone who can provide the module and rules for me, plus allow a little training time. Ability to respond to turns very good.
James Gray I'm new to ADC2  but I have a fair experience of board wargames.  I'd like to start something short and simple until I get the hang of ADC2.  I prefer WW2 and before.  Most of the games I have are older games, having been out of board wargaming for some years.  Currently I'm working on a ADC2 conversion of the old Quarterdeck Games Grant Moves South.
Ken Fry I'm interested in playing Victory in the Pacific (VITP) face-to-face. I'm in Orange County, California, and I'm old (but not cranky). I've played a few games (maybe 10 - 12) and read a bit.
John Wade Opponent wanted for OCS games by MMP (The Gamers). I own all  OCS modules. I am an experienced wargamer well versed in OCS and ADC.
Lev Mishkin Looking to play Russian Campaign.
Bill Pilon Looking for a PBEM of pretty much anything.
David Glenn Experienced ADC2 user. Will try any game however I'm looking to get a group to play a game of Global War ETO/PTO starting July 37 to the end with at least 6 players.
Chris Baker I have Avalon Hill's Russian Front,1914,War and Peace, Third Reich and 1776. I also play GMT's Simple Great Battles of History.
Randall S. Brunt
3 days of Gettysburg, Alesia, Command & Colors, Austerlitz, Borodino, Brandywine, Britain Stands Alone, Caeser in Alex, Carthage, Empire of the Sun, Grand Illusion, GBOH Alexander, Risorgimento, Roads to Leningrad, Sword of Rome, Wilderness War.  Soon will have Here I Stand, Pax Romana, For the People, GBOH JC Conquest of Gaul, Paths of Glory
Tom Feenstra Opponents wanted for COA Borodino 41, Operation Spark, and PWG Black Sea/Black Death
Alan Looking for opponents to play OCS EatG, OCS Tunisia and VG Civil War either in person (Bristol UK) or by e-mail.
Ron Akens I would like to play  UGG Games Empires of Apocalypse and Bitzkrieg General.  I would also like to play any Eastern Front game from the Barbaroosa series from GMT. 
Christopher Graves I play a broad variaty of games.  Currently looking for opponents for Struggle for Europe by CoA, Empires of the Apocalypse by UGG, War in the East on Nick Bells wonderful map of Russia the old Avalon Hill Guadalcanal on the new McLellan gameset, 1776, SPI Prestags, Musket and Pike. Battle of Hue by Mayfair, Bitter Woods
Keith Todd Experienced with most ADC2's features.  Looking for a game in  Guilford, Brandywine, any of the Gamers CWBS series, OCS, SCS, Triumph and Glory serires, Deluxe USN,  or Prussia's Glory.  Been a wargamer for years just need opponents. Willingly to try other games also. Very reliable gamer.
Butch Hollis Looking to play GMT titles like Roads to Leningrad, Clash of Giants, Ardennes 44, Grand Illusion, 3 Days of Gettysburg, River of Death, Ukraine 43, etc.  I have a large number of other titles including many of those published by SPI, AH, GMT, GDW, and Gamers.
John I live in the Bay shore NY area. Looking for opponents to play AH games. Am willing to learn new games.  Am familiar with WSIM,PB,PL,AIW,CL,AK DDay,Stallingrad,WAS,VIP,1940, King make, numerous S&T magazine games(some I have mounted). I prefer games where you don’t get boged down in rules and that you can finish in one sitting.
Paul Stapleton Will play GMT, AH, SPI,etc.   Like WWII, ACW and NAPOLEONIC. Have several modules.
Phil Carroll I've been wargaming since 1975. I have modules from CoA, GMT, Gamers, & MiH. I'm especially interested if anyone is planning a multi-player run through of CoA's "Struggle For Europe"
William Thomas Sherman Am interested in playing COA's "1777: Year of the Hangman," "We the People," "1776", COA's "Battles for Philadelphia: Brandywine & Germantown," and COA's "Monmouth 1778" (whenever that comes out later this year.) I'm punctual, regular, and dependable -- yet patient, and would request any OW inquirers be of the same disposition. Looking for opponant for ASL + SL
dclarsen I am in Melbourne - Australia.   I have a large collection of SPI, Avalon Hill, GDW, GMT and other games - mostly WW2, but also Ancients, Nato conflicts and Sci Fi.   I am looking to play Russian Campaign, Barbarossa, Kharkov,Panzergruppe Guderain, Berlin 45, Berlin 85, Great Patriotic War, Gondor, Battle of Five Armies, Sauron, West Wall and Modern Battles Quads, Bulge, Cobra, Drive on Stalingrad, Napoleons Last Battles, Nato, and any S&T or Command Game.
Chad Ryg I'm stationed in Afghanistan currently (Feb 06) and am interested in playing a PBEM.  I've got my ADCII with me and am updating the software currently and making my own game.  I would like to start a game.  I would need the file and a copy of any rules sent to me.  I can promise consistant turns and advanced warning on any delay in turns.  I enjoy Civil War and WWI and WWII games.  In particular I enjoy large campaign games.  Also Battletech/ Mechwarrior games. (haven't seen any of those modules)  Basically any game will do if you provide the resources.  Help me make my deployment more enjoyable!
Chuck McAllister I am interested in playing GMT's Clash of Giants,  Tiger's in the Mist, Ukraine'43, PoG, BtB, SoR. I also have L2 Designs TRC4th and Bitter Woods..almost any CWB game by the Gamer's as well as their SCS games.  Am also trying their OCS games and have Tunisia and plan on getting more.  Also would like to play some S&T games along with Commands GWIE...GWINE.  Am a very reliable gamer and can do a turn a day..every other at the worst.
Grant Iddon AH The Longest Day,   VG Pacific War, GR/D Europa
Keith Crook

I'm currently looking for an opponent to play a War Between the States campaign via ADC2. I'm a newbie to ADC2 and semi-functional on Victory Games Civil War. But I do own dozens of old wargames and am willing to download or buy anything on the HKL site from Ancient Rome to Nato. I would say the bulk of my collection is devoted to Civil War games with a minor in WW2. I do prefer strategic games and anything with a rulebook which doesn't require a law degree to master is a big plus. Also, I'm a writer in Brooklyn, New York, and while I could probably only commit to 3 moves a week, it would be cool to mix in an occasional FTF session.

Javier Gonzalez I´m looking for opponents to play: EMPIRE IN ARMS
Luis My name is Luis Sapiña, from Spain. I am new to PBEM. I would be interested in OCS. I would like to play Tunisia or DAK, although if there is a good chance of playing some other game from the series, something could be done.
Don I now have some experience with ADC2 and would like to get another game or two going.  I'm most interested in GBACW series games, 3DoG in particular.  I have one game going of 3DoG and would like to start another.   I'm interested in many games. If we can find a common interest, I'm willing to buy the necessary game/ADC2 module. I'm only interested in playing for fun and don't intend to engage in endless rules debates.  I typically can play 3-5 moves a week, but sometimes can get a move out every day!
Steve Salkovics Wargamer from way back. New to using ADC. Willing to try any worthwhile game with any non-flaky opponent (I can average 1-3 moves/week right now). I am currently rebuilding my collection and have numerous magazine (S&T and Command) games. Some of my non-mag games include War of the Ring, Wooden Ships and Iron Men, Risorgimento, 30 years War, Panzerblitz, Anzio and many others. Would be willing to try to get a game I don't have if I have a steady opponent
Matt I would really like to start up some OCS games, but I am willing to play any of the following: AH Breakout Normandy, AH The Longest Day, AH The Russian Campaign, NES Dresden, NES Napoleon on the Danube, VG Civil War, GMT Deluxe Battles of Alexander (Simple GBOH rules), GMT Gameplayer series, GMT American Revolution Series and a variety of my favorite COA games like War Without Mercy.
Edwin Sineath Landships, Here Come the Rebels, Advanced Third Reich, Ironsides (I think thats the name of old Excalibur Game)
Rob I would like to play: GMT Games Deluxe Alexander,  Great Battles of Caesar, The CivilWars,  Conquest of Gaul, Cataphract, War Galley
Paul Worthington Looking for opponents for the following:  Gamers:  OCS, SCS, TCS systems (most all games with sets);  MMP GCACW (all games, especially interested in GTC campaign game with linked maps which I have);  AH TPS/BKN, Vietnam (VG), Russian Front, WSIM, Firepower (need set), Devil's Den, VITP, many, many others;  COA La Bataille (all games, 3rd or 4th Ed), Army of the Heartland, Campaigns of Robert E. Lee, Age of Reason series (Kolin, Leuthen,  Zorndorf);  SimTac:  Rivoli, Salamanca;  SPI:  Cobra, Wacht am Rhein (have sets).   Very interested in trying ADC2 for live games (weekends and weekday evenings) using Radmin for L2 Streets of Stalingrad and others as listed above.
André van Gils

I am new to ADC2. I have been playing a while and do have following modules (and games) : The Gamers : (SCS): Ardennes, Drive on Paris; (OCS): Guderians Blitzkrieg2; (CWBS): Thunder at the Crossroads, April Harvest, Barren Victory, Bloody Roads South, Champion Hill, In Their Quiet Fields, Perryville, Embrace an Angry Wind, No Better Place to Die, Seven Days; (RSS): This Hallowed Ground, This Terrible Sound; (NBS): Aspern-Essling, MarengoGMT : 3 Days of gettysburg, Saratoga, War Galley, Austerlitz, Gaul, Glory, Red Badge of Courage, Salamis, WaterlooAH : GBACW series, War and Peace COA : Close Action, Armée du Nord, Mont Saint Jean, Summer Storm, Campaigns of R.E.LEE, Home before the Leaves Fall, Napoleon at Leipzig, War for the Union.  As one can tell, CWBS gets my preference. Would anyone feel up to it to teach me how to use ADC2 and enjoy any of these games ? Please keep in mind, that I am a novice when it comes to ADC2, so patience and help would be most welcome. Other than that I look forward to future games.

Bruce Bender Interested in playing titles by GMT, The Napoleonic Wars, The Ancient World: Rise of the Roman Republic.  I intend to collect The Ancient World series provided they continue and remain high quality.  Also by Columbia Games I play EastFront, and will own Hellas: The Peloponnesian War soon.  I'm a Successors: The Battle for Alexanders Empire by AH fanatic.  I play a variant scenario for 2 players if your interested. Looking for a game of AETO. Also have module for Advanced Third Reich (know it well) and A World at War (will learn as we go).
Christophe Henry New boardgame player with ADC2, ready to start with GMT Reds, Glory I, Weltkrieg series, Clash of Giant and open to ideas for other popular gamesets.
BRIAN PERRY Just bought Third Reich 3rd edition and am itchin to play.  I'm new to the net and know NOTHING about adc2 or how it works.  Be gentle. 

Bill Goranson

I will play just about anything. including Adv 3rd Reich, Bitter Woods, Empires In Arms, Fortress Europa, Berlin '85, Brittania,   Gamer's Champion Hill, Flat Top, GDW Third World War, Kaiser's Battles, PanzerBlitz, Panzer Leader, Pax Brittania, PGG, TRC, The Russian Front, Gamer's Seven Days Battles, Tigers are Burning, VG The Civil War, VG NATO, Victory in the Pacific, Lion of the North, GMT 4 Battles of Waterloo, Caesar at Alesia, Gamers Ardennes, and others. If you got the gameset and I got the game, I will give it a shot.
James Kenlon Interested in playing Kasserine and Von Manstein's Backhand Blow ( GMT ). Also recently purchased Tunisia '43 ( MiH ), though there isn't a gameset available for it that I know of. I might consider building one if other gamers are interested in pbem, and I have enough free time available. :)
Tom Fumia I'm a newbie with ADC2 but looking to get back into wargaming.  Have many wargame titles, mostly from AH.   Prefer to stick mostly with WWII games but not opposed to trying anything, if I have the module and the rules.  Some of the games I'm interested in trying off the top of my head:  AH(Turning Point Stalingrad, Fortress Europa, Anzio, ViTP, FlatTop, Russian Front), SPI(PTO/need module), VictoryGames(Vietnam, Civil War) I have more titles than I have listed here(mostly AH) and really would like to give ADC2 a try. So if you're looking for an opponent, email me and will try to work something out.  Thanks.
Len Lewis Playing OCS series (EatG) via ADC2 for sometime. Would like to try DAK or GB2 in the same vein. Also, would have an interest in the GWaS series. Playing Paths of Glory and AETO ftf. Will consider most any game using an ADC2 mod.

Looking for opponents for the following:  Gamers:  OCS, SCS, TCS systems (most all games with sets);  MMP GCACW (all games, especially interested in GTC campaign game with linked maps which I have);  AH TPS, Vietnam (VG), Russian Front, WSIM, Firepower (need set), Devil's Den, VITP, many, many others;  COA La Bataille (all games, 3rd or 4th Ed), Army of the Heartland, Campaigns of Robert E. Lee, Age of Reason series (Kolin, Leuthen,  Zorndorf);  SimTac:  Rivoli, Salamanca;  SPI Cobra (need set), Wacht am Rhein (have set);  Phoenix Games/L2 Streets of Stalingrad (old edition need gameset).  Been away from wargaming for TOO LONG and ready to get back in with a vengeance!

Michael W. Stuart Looking for opponents for FTF matches of L2 Design Groups TRC 4th Edition. I live in Raleigh, N.C.
Al Hay I am interested in playing anything. I currently have modules for SPI/TSR's Blue & Gray I & II, Napoleon's Last Battle Quad & L2's The Russian Campaign. I am designing modules for SPI's Battle for Germany & War in the Ice. I am also looking for strategic WWII, American Civil War & Napoleonic gamers.
Thomas Mills I am interested in doing a grand scale Advance Third Reich coupled with Empire of the Rising Sun.  If not, any other AH games or SPI will do. Russian Campaign; Barbarossa; East Front; Vera Cruz; Afrika Korps.
Keith Jones I am interested in playing GMT Paths of Glory, Ukraine '43, The Gamers Semper Fi, Enemy at the Gates, Sicily, DG Totaler Krieg.
Richard Hyde-Slater I am trying to get the rules for three sets that I downloaded: Victory Games Pacific War, NATO, &  Vietnam War.(The designer names do NOT have accompanying email addresses.) Anyone with this info please contact me.
Paul Marcone

Looking for opponents in Ivy Street Games' CHANTILLY or The Gamers' ITQFII or AH's DEVIL'S DEN.

Barry Kierans

Looking for opponent for any OCS title, preferably Tunisia to start as I have never played PBEM. I have playing OCS for almost 10 years and using ADC2 for solitaire play for about 2. I have updated the Tunisia and EatG modules to include the new air units and CW ground units plus fixed some errors in the EatG map. Introduce me to PBEM play and find regular opponent! I have the modules for for all OCS games available and others. 

Andrew Tulene

New boardgame player with ADC2, ready to start with AH Blitzkrieg and will move up from there. I have Panzerblitz boardgame as well. Am open to ideas for other popular gamesets.


I started playing AH in Jr. High School ( early 60's) and then found S&T...I enjoy the play of the games but have not had many opponents (interrupted by 4 years Navy in and around Viet Nam and after by college, wife, kids, and full time job).  I like most of the attack and die games and will try most anything once...

Geof Clark I'm really eager to try the Clash of Arms Rising Sun or Harpoon4 sets.  Also: The Longest Day, Flattop, VG Pacific War (or other WW2 pacific theatre), VG's Fleet series (once I create the gamesets), F&E.

Looking for Avalon Hill's Afrika Korp (AK) opponent. 

Craig Stevens

I am looking for 3 games put out by SPI, Invasion America, OBJ Moscow the modern WWIII version, and China War the WWIII version if anyone has these that they want to sell please drop me a line

Deron Adams

I am seeking a copy of Avalon Hill's D-Day's Battle Manual, please email me if you might be able to help.

Nations open: Britain, GM+France, USA, Italy, USSR Germany is already occupied. Game starts 2 Jan 2003. Who joins? 

Clinton Ray New to ADC2. Have the following modules: CoA Talavera and Albuera, Gamers This Hollowed Ground and GMT AGC. Have played wargames for 30 years and have over 100 games. Am willing to play just about any game.
Mike Gebert I am a veteran board gamer, I have been playing games for about 40 years.  I have an extensive collection of around 400 board games.  I would be interested in playing AH The Longest Day (2nd edition rules) and AH 1914.  I am open for other suggestions.  I have all the GRD games but wonder how the air rules would interphase with the ADC 2 system.  I am new to ADC 2 but would like to give it a go. Look forward to other suggestions.
Vince Carpenter Gamer from way back, got WW II:ETO when I was 10. Favorite game is HWTR, biggest interest is WWII, but will play anything. Have large collection I am converting to ADC2 at the moment. (WebAdmin's note: This arrived under the heading "Opponent/Victim".  Sounds like a challenge..!)
Don Lazov Enjoy GRD's Europa series (AWW, BF, FtF, FitE/SE/U, SF);
Enjoy AH's [3R, AK, AZ, BB, DD, F40, FE, RF, TRC];
Enjoy SPI's [BfG, DAGC, WiE, WWQ];
Enjoy 3W The Tigers are Burning;
Enjoy TSR's [Barbarossa, Drive on Stalingrad, Cobra];
New to ADC have some modules for the above board games for ADC. Been gamingfor 20 years.
Anthony (Tony) Harrison Wargamer since on father's knee - naval games first, going with his background, then into Napoleonic and WW2 (and just about anything else) since 1974, when I started my subscription to S&T. Games - total number not known, but they occupy a significant part of my garage! Favourites: Clash of Arms series, SimTac series, SPI's War in Europe - and developing variants for it! Biggest game ever - played German leader with the same initials in 70 player PBEM version of WW2. If I can crib someone else - If we can get the gameset and I've got the game, I'll give it a shot.
John Barr Fatal Alliances, War In Europe, Kursk (SPI-Eric Goldberg), The Green Fields Beyond, Napoleon at Leipzig, most Europa, Highway to the Reich, Korean War (VG), Civil War (VG), and, frankly, just about anything.  
Scott C. Davies Would like to play GMT East Front Series (any of the 3) or AH TLD 2nd Edition (have the rules and game set).
Gary Phillips To the Green Fields Beyond, Musket & Pike, PG Guderian (S&T ver.), Seelowe (all SPI), Caesar in Alexandria (GMT), Air Bridge to Victory (GMT),
Crisis: Sinai 1973 (GMT).  Also pre-TSR S&T's, other old games.  New to ADC.
Jeff McGonagall Looking for players for a combined War in Europe - War in the Pacific Game.
Mark Acres Will play Wellington's Victory, This Hallowed Ground and others if I have the gameset.
Ron Brooks AH For the People, We the People, War at Sea, Wooden Ships/Iron Men, Conquistador;  SPI Invasion America, War in Europe, 30 Years War Quad, Blue/Grey Quad, Great War in the East Quad; and a large S&T collection to name a few.
Kevin Rohr AH: We The People; Columbia: Rommel in the Desert, War of 1812, & Napolean; GMT: Saratoga, 30YW,  Reds, & waterloo;GDW: Market Garden, Attack in the Ardennes, A House Divided, Beda Fomm, Raphia, Trial of Strength, SPI: Winter War, Kanev, The Gamers games
Robert Rasmussen from Denmark I'm new to ADC2, but I've played wargames for 20 years.  I'd like to start soft with a couple games of Afrika Korps, just to get to know the ADC2 interface.  After that perhaps Russian Campaign, Fortress Europa, Battle of the Bulge (81) and later perhaps Advanced Third Reich and The Longest Day.

Robert Wiersma

Totaler Krieg! (DG), Tigers in the Mist (GMT), Thunder at the Crossroads(Gamers/MMP), PoG (GMT), June 6 (GMT), Ardennes (Gamers/MMP)
Ernst Knauth I'm mainly interested in games from GMT and Gamers (SCS, CWB, OCS), but
also CoA, DG and others. I own many games and several ADC2-modules.
Tom Bierschenk Europa's Scorched Earth/Fire in the East, Afrika, Yom Kippur, VG's The Civil War, Fatal Alliances, March to Victory, For Whom the Bell Tolls
Paul Stapleton AH Flattop.  I will play just about any game just drop me an E-mail
Emmanuel Borie I am looking for Empire in Arms players, either French or English speaking.
Chuck Parrott I have & play GCACW, War and Peace, any Gamers title, Hannibal. Will buy and
learn rules to any others.
Brian C. Blad New to ADC 2.0   Interested in GMT: EFS Series AGN, AGC, AGS; GBACW Series ALL.   Avalon Hill: Air Assault on Crete/Malta, Bitter Woods 2nd Edition, Breakout Normandy, IDF, Longest Day (all), Panzer Blitz, Panzer Leader including 1940 variant, Russian Campaign, Starship Troopers (original),
Third Reich 4th Ed., Tobruk, War and Peace, Wooden Ships & Iron Men.  The Gamers: Ardennes.
Milo Artioli I'll like to play friendly games of Dak , Hube's Pocket ,The Longest Day ,Anzio ,Russian Front ,War and Peace ,Flattop , Pacific War and Civil War. Other games if I know the rules. New to Adc2.
Robert Miceli Here Come the Rebels, Roads to Gettysburg, and Stonewall Jackson's Way. I am new to ADC2 and just getting back into gaming after a long, 4 year hiatus.
Eduardo Perez Santos My preferences are GCACW modules RTG, SJW & GTC, either, campaings or scenarios.
Stefano I'm interested in playing Stalingrad (AH), Afrika Korps (AH).
Michael W. Bay New to ADC and returning to gaming.  I am looking to play For the People, Paths of Glory, Battle for North Africa, NATO Division Commader, Next War, Ney Versus Wellington, Imperium 2000 and Victory Games Pacific War.
Jeff Grossman Interested in friendly games of Paths of Glory, For the People, Empires in Arms, Battle Cry, or in other games if I happen to know the rules!   New to ADC2.
Peter   Rogneholt I would like to get in touch with people that play SCS, OCS, CWB and GCACW games. I am a player of wargames since the early 80´s.
Mauro Faina I am an old Italian wargamer (36) and I would be interested in playing wargames by  GMT and The Gamers.


I am interested in playing SJW, HCR, RTG, SIV, OTR, SLB, GTC, VG Civil War, Afrika Korps, BO Normandy, and 3rd Reich.

David Doolan

I am interested in Successors (AH), Flat Top, For the People, War and Peace, Paths of Glory, Civil War (VG) Pacific War (VG) Pax Britannica (VG),  ETO/PTO, Hannibal (AH), Struggle of Nations, Imperium Romanum, World in Flames, most other GMT & Victory games, plus many old AH titles among others. I am relatively new to ADC2.

Pablo Martín

Cuba Libre!, Wirlwinds in the Sand,   Chaco, O`Connor`s Offensive, Battle for North Africa, Triumphant Fox, Eagles Fight, 1918,  White Ensign / Rising Sun,  Operation Shoestring,  Alexandria,   Los Arapile , Port Arthur

Mark Garnett

War and Peace (AH), War of the Ring (SPI), Sauron and Gondor.   I am willing to try any other game if the rules are supplied.

Peter King

AH Flattop

Daniel Claude

COA Empereur Returns, COA 1807:  The Eagles Turn East

Kjell Lövström

Yaqinto games Panzer and Armor, the Avalon Hill game IDF and the Game Designers Workshop game Assault (entire series)

David Kurtz

1776, Bitter Woods, Breakout Normandy, Conquistador, Flat Top, For the People, Fortress Europa, Here Come the Rebels, Roads to Gettysburg, On to Richmond, Stonewall in the Valley, Stonewall Jackson's Way, Stonewall's Last Battles, Advanced Third Reich, Third Reich, War and Peace, Paths of Glory, Civil War (VG) Pacific War (VG) Pax Britannica (VG),  ETO/PTO, Totaler Krieg. (I may need to "re-teach" myself some of these games to play but I'm keen to do it anyway.)

Maurice Miskow

I am a veteran player (ASL for 20+years). Have most AH games from WAS to ATR/ERS; have played most AH games on ADC2.  Ready to take on more complex games such as A3R, Breakthrough Normandy, Russian Front, FE, and others--willing to learn new games also.  I have lots of time and am a reliable opponent.

Chris Shaffer

AH Blitzkrieg

Lance Larka

Imperium, AH Starship Troopers, Mayfair Games Hammer's Slammers

Mike Pratt

I just recently received ADC2 and I learning how to use it. At the present time I have the modules and games for The Gamers Perryville, April's Harvest and Champion Hill. I have ordered the modules for Operation Solace/Hamburger Hill, Mason-Dixon and Czechoslovakia 38 (XTR). I have the game and probably get the module for the following games: World in Flames, Invasion America. Objective Moscow, Revolt in the East, SS Amerika, Civil War (VG) First to Fight, Balkan Front, Storm over Scandinavia, Britain Stands Alone and almost all of the games put out by XTR/Command magazine. Please keep in mind, that I am a novice when it comes to ADC2 and please be patient with me on that point. Other than that I look forward to future games.

Alan Moorhouse

I would be interested in playing Korsun Pocket (PWG), On to Richmond (AH), Operation Spark (COA). However I am a newbie with ADC2.

Tom Van Sant

I am interested in playing all types of games, especially WWII, War of the Ring, Federation and Empire.  If you need an opponent, contact me.

Steve Nixon

DAK, SPQR, Alexander, Drive on Paris

Matt Powers

I would like to play any old AH game (I like WW2 games) or World in Flames.

John Amenta

AH  The Longest Day. Would like to play each of the scenarios followed by campaign game - following the structure of the rulebook, and new rule introductions.
Dave Robinson Storm over Europe

James H.

I have over 15 AH Titles which I haven't played in years!! Willing to look for opponents for: Conquistador, Russian Campaign, Panzerblitz, PanzerArmee Afrika, Third Reich, Republic of Rome, or any game which I might have. Hablo español y puedo jugar en este idioma.

Elliot Kravitz

I am interested in Russian Campaign, Victory in the Pacific, Lord of the Rings, Starship Troopers and just about any other Avalon Hill or SPI game.  I have most of them from my teen years but haven't played in maybe 20 years...and never by PBEM, so a little patience would be appreciated in getting things going.  I am willing to buy/learn/play most games.  Cheers.

Gerald Schwartz

I am interested in playing We the People and Hannibal:Rome vs. Carthage.

Mark Perkins

Totaler Krieg!

Chris Graves

Games of special interest-  Russian Front; AH 1914;  SPI ETO/PTO (Like to play Brits or Japs, or Italians or Germans in that order);  Totaler Krieg! (Germans); AH  1776.  And if it ever come avialable on ADC2 GDW White Death and Clash of Arms Borodino 41'  I am contemplating taking up World in Flames.

John Schwartz

Played AH titles for 20 years, Like TRC, BB85, FE, SOA, TPS, AK.  Have others.

John O'Day

Wooden Ships and Iron Men, 1776

Chuck Soukup

I am presently revising the rules for Lebensraum to enable it to be played as a PBEM game on ADC2. If you are interested in helping out, or have any ideas on how to go about it, please visit the Lebensraum Campaign HQ  I am also interested in playing the Gamers OCS, and own the modules for EATG, DAK, Sicily, and Tunisia.  Would also like to try out the SCS series, but own no modules except for Ardennes (came with the ADC2 disk).

Michael Walker

WITP, TGWIE_NE, HBTLF, First to Fight,Flattop, March to Victory, Typhoon (GMT), Victory in the West (GMT), Berlin '85, Singapore,WEF, Tannenberg, Kaiser's Battles,Wacht am Rhein, Balkan Front
Steve Maul AH Battle Cry, AH For the People, VG Civil War, War and Peace, 1776, Panzer Blitz, Bull Run, Third Reich.  I would also be
willing to learn and play any of the games with gamesets that also include the rules on this site.
Mark Novara The Civil War (VG), Pacific War (VG), Pre-Stags (SPI), Operation Market Garden (GDW), Tannenberg (SPI), Kaiser's Battle (SPI), 1914 (AH), Panzergruppe Guderian (SPI), War and Peace (AH), Punic Wars (SPI), Patrol (SPI)
Chris Nyrhila Interested in WW2 games, specifically European theatre - The Longest Day. Breakout: Normandy, Arnhem, etc.
Pave If I have the time to play, current passions: Totaler Kreig!, Submarine, PacWar, FlatTop, Burma, Up Front!, Statis Pro Football
Jeff The games I would like to play:  Starship Troopers, Wooden Ships & Iron Men.  When available for ADC2: Cry Havoc series.

Gerry Palmer

For the People (GMT), Breakout: Normandy (AH), This Hallowed Ground (The Gamers)

Frank Mullins

Would like to play A House Divided.

Andrew Okun

Victory in the Pacific, War at Sea, Third Reich, Fortress Europa and 1776

Monte Bohna

Would like to play 1776, Advanced Third Reich, Empires in Arms and France '40.  I would also like to play any of Kevin Zucker's series (Struggle of Nations, The Emperor Returns, Napoleon at Bay, etc), Imperium Romanum, Frederick the Great, and the Campaigns of Marlborough.

Ricky Gray

For the People, All GCACW games and Ivy Street's At All Hazards

Bruno Moscetti

Greenline Chechnya, Glory (gmt), Battle for North Africa (gmt), Victory in the West (gmt) and Mason-Dixon (Command-xtr)

Karl Dorfman

The Longest Day, VG Pacific War, Global War

Don Timian

Second Front, The Damn Die Hard, War in the Desert, War of Resistance

Ted Thompson

DG Totaler Krieg!

Thomas Margraf

Glory, On to Richmond, No Better Place to Die, Thunder at the Crossroads

John Tokarz

Death & Destruction XTR (ADC1) and Great War in Europe/Near East XTR (ADC2).

Les Stuart

I've been playing war games for 30 years but I'm new to Aide De Camp.   I would like to find an opponent who wouldn't mind playing against a rookie. I'm most interested in the old Avalon Hill Classics (Blitzkrieg, Africa Korps, Stalingrad, D-Day and Panzer Blitz/Panzer Leader) but also interested in many other titles.

Louie Tokarz

Victory in the Pacific

Ernesto Sassot

All SCS games from The Gamers.
Richard Wein Totaler Krieg, Rommel in the Desert
John Vogel I have the following modules and would like to play any of them:  Stonewall's Last Battle, Gettysburg, On to Richmond, Starship Troopers, Bloody Roads South,  Crusader, Ardennes, Tunisia, Yom Kippur
Jake Bitter Woods, all the GCACW games, Flattop, Blitzkreig, Panzerblitz, French Foreign Legion
Trow Davis AH Longest Day, All Gamers OSC games, GMT AGC and AGS, AH A3R.  Anything WW2, especially Eastern Front.  I like big monster games, and will play any game.  I will bvuy those I do not own.  Also very interested in Napoleonics.
Pierre Miranda Six Days of Glory, War Without Mercy, Krieg! and others.
Mack Draper Totaler Krieg!
Manuel Cubero OCS Series Games and The Longest Day
David Hall Here Come the Rebels, Stonewall's Last Battle, Roads to Gettysburg, Bitter Woods
Gerry Powell World in Flames Final Edition; The Longest Day
Wayne Melnick 6 Days of Glory; Yom Kippur; Stalingrad Pocket 2; PGGuderian;The Russian Campaign; Bitter Woods; For the People; AQotWF; Drive on Stalingrad; Cobra; VITP; War & Peace; Turning Point;Winter War; Panzerblitz
Ian Coyle Trial of Strength, SPI Barbarossa, SPI Singapore, Steve Wamboldt's War in the East
Hans Peter Bentein The Gamers Marengo using Hans Peter's set.
Philippe Franck Balkan Front (GR/D) (using his very nice gameset)
Guillaume Bertrand Kreig!, War Without Mercy
Micheal Elwood Victory in the Pacific, War and Peace, Third Reich
J.Augusto Moreira World in Flames, Kreig!, 1918 (XTR)
Phillip Weltsch Lion/Tiger of Ethiopia, PGG, and Stonewall. (Phillip has his own set for Lion of Ethopia which he will share with his opponent)
Craig Grando I’ve been playing mostly solitaire for about five years, I’m not expert and am perhaps novice. Can manage about 1-2 turns a week. A House Divided, Anzio, Bitter Woods, Clash of Giants, June 6, Panzergruppe Guderian, Raphia, Stalingrad Pocket 2.
Brett "I'll play pretty much anything"
Cayetano Andreu Laurindo Britannia, Conquistador, Russian Campaign
Walt O'Hara Krieg (ADC2), 6 Days of Glory, Gaines Mill, Embrace an Angry Wind, Afrika (ADC1), Mantanikau, No Better Place to Die, Thunder at the Crossroads (ADC1), War and Peace (ADC2), Advanced Third Reich (ADC1), Afrika Korps (ADC2), Lion of the North (ADC2), Typhoon, A Famous Victory, Ardennes(ADC2), Charlemagne(ADC2), Hastings(ADC2), Panzergruppe Guderian(ADC2), Stonewall(ADC2), Like Lions they Fought, For the People(ADC2). (ADCn) indicates the version Walt owns. If none is indicated, he doesn't own the set.
Jonas Kapuno World in Flames-Final Edition, Advanced Third Reich Global War (ATR and ERS combined), WWII ETO, WWII ETO/ PTO combined, Longest Day


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